Orient Oregon Vol 1 -- classroom version of 2020 film collaboration with Portland Taiko. 

Full version with live taiko performances + Q and A available here.


1942 full album + projections


A short film about Joy Takeshita Teraoka, singer for the George Igawa Orchestra, the jazz band which formed at Heart Mountain during WWII and performed in camp and across Wyoming.

"A Century Out of Reach" with Stephanie Flores.

A song contemplating a generation of immigrant bachelors and queer lives hidden inside concentration camps.

"History and Sonic Effects" : Musings on and examples of transforming field recordings from historical sites into music as well as exploring effects pedals as helpful metaphors for the historian. An excerpt from a fall 2020 presentation for the University of Wyoming Art Museum and American Studies program. 

"Snow Baptism" : a song for Heart Mountain, a song for Wyoming, a song for the quarantine.

"Instructions to All Persons" with Emilia Halvorsen + Peter Horikoshi

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